Markets Are Unpredictable, Costs Are Forever

Academic research shows that cost is one of the main factors to your long term success. We choose to keep costs low by charging less than industry average fees and by using investments that cost less than the industry average. 

Based on an industry average of 1% assets under management charge and 1% investment cost, a $10,000 investment would lose nearly a third of it's overall value in fees over a 10 year period. 

By lowering asset management and investment costs, you can keep much more of your hard earned money. More money left in your account is more money working to compound for your future. 

Our costs are lower not by any magic formula. We choose to make less money allowing you to keep more. If you treat people right, they will hopefully refer others... 

For assets held with us, we charge:

0.75% on aggregate asset balance below $250,000*

0.50% on balances between $250,000 and $1 Million

0.10% on any assets more than $1 Million

$25,000 minimum unless paired with monthly planning fee


*1.25% for Financial Planning

All while donating 20%* of the revenue to others in need.   

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