How to start your Impact Snowball

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Studies indicate that the act of giving back to your community can boost your health, happiness and sense of well being. Giving can help you live longer and give you a sense of purpose and satisfaction.


Wouldn't it be great if you could tie this sense of purpose and satisfaction together with your personal financial success?


Wouldn't it be great if your donation dollars were more than a one and done deal? Instead, what if your donation dollars could be used over and over again? This is the heart of our impact snowball giving strategy.


At Greater Good Financial, we start your snowball by charging you lower financial planning and investment fees than the industry average.1 This allows you to keep more of your money invested and working for you which allows you to build more personal wealth, and/or increase your own personal donations.


Next we use socially responsible investments (optional). This allows you to have an impact throughout your entire investing career. Check out my e-book on this topic if you would like to learn more.


Third, we donate 20% of the revenue we receive from you to non profits. I'll explain this more in depth since this is where the impact snowball really starts to grow in size.


A large roadblock in the financial advice industry is that, the advice we provide is largely intangible. If I were to help you re-allocate your investments, help you with life insurance or simplify your retirement income plan...



You walk away with NOTHING tangible.


You've probably heard from financial professionals or personal finance writers that your money and emotions don't mix. Getting your emotions involved with your investments is a bad idea. I'll admit, I've said this countless times to clients. But, there are also times where your money and your emotions DO create positive results for you.


I believe that our Impact Snowball donation strategy allows you to see a tangible impact through your finances and creates a positive emotional connection associated with making wise financial decisions.



Practically how this works:



Advisory fees are pulled from your accounts on a quarterly basis. When we receive this revenue, we add this to our publicly available audit spreadsheet here.

Quarterly donations are rotated through our (current) three non profit partners.


Once your donation is sent, we then send you an email update letting you know how much was donated and to which organization. When possible, we try to tell you the exact person, family or social business venture that your donations are supporting.


Imagine this... Instead of sending you a boring stock market update each quarter, your financial planner instead sent you an Impact Update so you can see how your decision to work with Greater Good Financial is directly changing someone else's life...




This creates a



Two of our three non profit partners are microloan like organizations. Donation dollars eventually get re-paid and then re-loaned out again! What excites me the most about this business model / donation strategy is that we will be donating for the next 20+ years.


Imagine how many times your donation dollars could be recycled and re-loaned over that time period!


This is where the snowball really starts to pick up size. Over the next 20+ years, your donations go to fund great non profits doing great things.



But you don't just give once, you give every quarter. AND your donation dollars do not just get used once, they get recycled over and over.


You will also be receiving regular updates on the impact you are making. Our hope is that as you get excited about this strategy, as you see the TANGIBLE impact you are making in the world by making wise financial choices, you will share and tell others.


The more we can grow our business at Greater Good Financial, the more money we give. The more money we give, the more impact we can have in the financial industry as a whole. We are a unique firm in our industry and the bigger we can grow, the greater impact we can have to influence change the financial industry.


With your help, we have a unique opportunity to change peoples live. We can affect change and inspire others to take up a donation model and use the financial industry for the Greater Good.


Start your Impact Snowball today...


(1) "2017 Planning Professional Fee Survey" by Bob Veres

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