Our Impact Snowball Donation Strategy

We charge less than the industry allowing you to give more personally

We offer Sustainable Investments so your investments can have impact

We donate 20%* of our revenue to specific non profits that leverage donations


When your quarterly fees are pulled from your accounts, you will receive an update on where your 20% donation went and the lives you are impacting.  

We don't send out boring stock market updates. 

We send out life changing impact updates! 



* Full Disclosure - We are not donating 20% of our entire revenue right now. We are transitioning the current financial planning practice to this new donation business model.  

As you may imagine, it's difficult to take a 20+% instant revenue reduction. 

We manage over 60 households and are phasing in this 20% donation model on existing client accounts.  As new revenue comes in, we dollar for dollar add the donation model onto existing client accounts.  

All new clients are on the fee model stated on this website and will have 20% of their revenue donated.   

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